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I'm John Spacek, president of Long Term Care Virginia,
and I'm excited to be a part of your journey into the amazing
security that long term care provides!
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"I would like to thank John Spacek for assisting me in selecting the appropriate insurance for my needs. John will spend whatever time is required learning about you and then thoroughly research the best possibilities to suggest. His approach is finding the best insurance policies for you, ‘the individual.’ John is eager to serve and please and will not leave any ‘stones unturned.’ He is a credit to his industry and it is a pleasure to have him on my team!” - Don Stevens, Stevens Jewelers

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Long term care IS expensive.
Long term care insurance IS NOT!

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What will it cost you NOT to have

Cost of Long Term Insurance


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Personal Protection

Everyone eventually needs long term care and it will drain your resources if you don’t have long term care insurance.

Family Protection

More than 70% of Americans eventually require long term care, your family will be responsible to pay your bills when your wealth runs out if you don’t have long term care insurance.

Assets Protection

Long term care is crushingly expensive, and it’s your assets that will suffer significant drain.

Wealth Protection

When you have long term care insurance, your family, your assets, and your wealth are better protected.

NOT having long term care insurance is EXPENSIVE

More than 70% of Americans will eventually need long term care. This will drain every resource you have. You’ve worked too long and too hard to let your assets disappear. To ensure you keep your assets, it’s important to enlist the help of an expert advisor, especially one who gets personally involved and cares about getting you the best coverage possible. John Spacek guides you through the process, personally helping you transform your goals and concerns into a clear plan, thus empowering you to overcome the psychological and financial roadblocks that come with long term care.

We are the most qualified to protect your assets

When it comes time to get long term care insurance, you want to know you’re dealing with someone who has your best interests at heart. Many places offer you solutions, but they’re cold and impersonal, they’re not focused on getting you the best treatment you deserve. John Spacek is unique because he cares. He gets personally involved with you, and guides you through every stage of securing your future and your family’s security.  Having encountered the emotional and financial strains caused by long-term care events in his own family, he dedicated himself to helping families before they suffered the same difficulties his own family had. John has been in the business of long-term care insurance for many years.  He graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1988. His accomplishments since then include becoming a Long-Time Care Specialist, and he is Virginia State Partnership approved.

Our Mission

To provide personal attention as we inform and educate our clients on asset protection through long term care insurance. To offer our clients guidance to make intelligent decisions in their best interest. To develop and retain a trusting relationship with our clients as a provider of quality long term care insurance.

While You Are Dancing Around This Decision…

You Could Become Ineligible For Long Term Care Overnight!

  • Age is a factor
  • Prior health issues are a factor
  • MOST IMPORTANT: But there’s ONE REALLY important factor you’re not considering. It’s explained in this quick, 1 page ebook!
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Myths and Truths

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Make sure you know these 3 things,

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